Mens Vs Womens Adults Toys

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Give your hand a break, guys. Male Masturbators are here! Pocket Pussies, Masturbation Sleeves, and Blowjob Imitators are growing in popularity which means that sex toys are not just for girls anymore.

In fact, there are some impressively realistic Molded Vaginas out there which can really satisfy a guy’s wildest fantasies. Many of these masturbation devices are molded directly from the privates of your favorite porn stars! What would it be like to have sex with Tera Patrick? For about a hundred bucks, you can find out. Materials to make these amazing replicas range from silicon, to jelly, to rubber, to proprietary materials that are highly protected trade secrets.

Unfortunately there is still a pretty big taboo out there against male sex toys. A typical guy would have a lot of explaining to do if his girlfriend found a large porn stash, much less a realistic representation of a porn star’s vagina! However, finding a girl’s stash of dildos and vibrators seems to be no big deal for most guys. How unfair is that!


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